Toby Llewellyn

With impressive negotiation skills, a sharp wit and commanding vocal ability, it’s only natural that Toby Llewellyn has embarked on a career in auctioneering.

While he has over five years of sales experience, Toby has also paved a career in presenting and acting. As part of this career he performed a number of charity auctions. The excitement of the auction process thrilled Toby and led him to Cooley Auctions. Happiest when he is in front of an audience, Toby thrives on the buzzing energy of an auction environment and uses it to his full advantage.

Toby is approachable and projects an instant warmth, leaving a lasting impression on all he meets. Having lived in a number of countries, he has encountered people from many walks of life and prides himself on his interpersonal skills. Toby’s positive and confident disposition brings his clients reassurance that their property is in the right hands. His commitment to excellence and market knowledge enables him to achieve optimal results for vendors.

The combination of Toby’s work experience, passion for performing and a life long interest in property translates exceptionally well in the auction arena and like all Cooley Auctions team members, Toby is a highly skilled individual who ensures the best possible price is achieved on auction day.

  • “Toby is a professional, entertaining and charismatic auctioneer who went above and beyond for in our live auction at our Charity Ball! He got down in the crowd, really got their attention and encouraged the guests to dig deep for such a worthwhile cause. He raised a phenomenal amount of money of homeless youth. We are so grateful to Toby. Thank you so much!”

    Ashley George-Hacon

    Property Industry Foundation

  • “We live in a fast paced world where time is a precious commodity, and professional skills come at a cost.  Toby gave my charity the generous gift of both his time and his skills. He  ran the auction at our charity ball  in May 2017. He grabbed the crowd’s attention  with flair and fun, and encouraged people to dig  deep to help us. Our charity is not only better off financially , but our Cara kid’s lives will be more enriched by the programs we can run with the money we raised. A massive thanks from myself and my board.”

    Mary Jo Mc Veigh

    CaraCare charity organisation

  • “Toby Llewellyn was an absolute professional, and ended up driving the auction up to well exceed our expectations. The item ended up selling for $5,000! All thanks to Toby. He was fantastic and also a really nice guy.”


    Chifley charity event