Samantha Dean

Samantha is across all things marketing at Cooley Auctions. With a background in marketing & events in various industries and a degree in Media & Communications, Samantha is equipped with a great understanding of brand presence and exposure. Through her dynamic background, Samantha has developed refined writing skills, a keen eye for detail and offers innovative marketing concepts.

Samantha plays an integral role within the Cooley team, managing the company website and working closely with media and journalists to ensure Cooley Auctions has a strong presence on television, radio and in print. Samantha also curates all content for the Cooley Auctions social media channels.

Samantha was responsible for bringing Cooley Auctions inaugural charity event, Real Estate Sleep Out, into fruition. The success of this event is testament to Samantha’s organisational skills and experience in event management. She is also responsible for the coordination of List Sell Negotiate as well as all in-house training and events.

Samantha’s discerning yet friendly nature makes her an invaluable Cooley Auctions team member.

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