The benefit of many buyers

Emotionally charged buyers in a highly competitive auction is a winning formula for achieving a premium sale. Auction provides you with the perfect selling platform, driving up the price as buyers contend for the same property. Our award-winning team is expert at engaging people, building momentum and creating the right amount of urgency to attain a result beyond your expectations.

Auctions provide the potential for great results

Don’t let buyers overlook your home because they think it’s out of their price range. By choosing auction you remove price as a barrier, which increases the number of potential buyers and drives competition on auction day. Our award-winning team is highly skilled at extracting the most out of every bidder to achieve the ultimate goal – an outstanding price for your home.

The only way to know your place has truly sold

There’s nothing worse than not knowing when your property will sell. By choosing auction you’ll have the confidence in knowing that at the fall of the hammer your property is immediately sold with no cooling-off period for the buyer. Auction also provides a structured selling plan with a timeline of events for your home to be sold by the decided date.