• Monday 26 September 2016: Cooley Auction Centre – East
  • PropertyResultPriceAgencyAuctioneer
    6C/6 Bligh Place, RandwickPassed In640,000Express RealtyAndrew Cooley
    117 Phillip Street, WaterlooSold1,065,000Lazaris Real EstateAndrew Cooley
    52 Bundarra Road, Bellevue HillPassed In3,125,000Laing + Simmons Double BayAndrew Cooley
    2/16 Albert Street, EdgecliffSold3,595,000Bradfield ClearyAndrew Cooley
    103/109 Darling Point Road, Darling PointSold1,132,000Bradfield ClearyAndrew Cooley
    33 Caledonia Street, PaddingtonSold1,920,000Bradfield ClearyAndrew Cooley
    15 Princess Street, Rose BaySold2,900,000Laing + Simmons Double BayAndrew Cooley
    36/19 Stanley Street, WoollahraSold875,000Bradfield ClearyAndrew Cooley
    5/66 Roscoe Street, Bondi BeachSold938,000Laing + Simmons WoollahraAndrew Cooley
    1/59 Birriga Road, Bellevue HillSold1,821,000The Blacket AgencyAndrew Cooley
    31 Bulkara Road, Bellevue HillWithdrawn-Laing + Simmons Double BayAndrew Cooley
    52 Gipps Street, PaddingtonWithdrawn-Bradfield ClearyAndrew Cooley
    17/17 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth BaySold PriorundisclosedRon Danieli Real EstateAndrew Cooley
    18/5A William Street, RandwickWithdrawn-Ke3 PropertyAndrew Cooley
  • Saturday 24 September 2016: On Location
  • PropertyResultPriceAgencyAuctioneer
    5 Delta Street, SutherlandSold1,150,000Sanders Property AgentsAndrew Cooley
    1 The Boulevarde, MalabarPassed In1,701,000NG Farah Real EstateDamien Cooley
    18 Windsor Road, WilloughbyPassed In (VB)2,400,000LJ Hooker ArtarmonPaul Millett
    16 Reynolds Street, BalmainSold1,900,000Cobden & Hayson BalmainDamien Cooley
    1/8 Vialoux Avenue, PaddingtonPassed In (VB)690,000Ray White TaylorJonesLachlan Macdonald
    21 Mullens Street, RozelleSold2,165,000Cobden & Hayson BalmainDamien Cooley
    27 Cook Street, ForestvillePassed In (VB)1,550,000Raine & Horne Forestville/Frenchs ForestDavid Gray
    394 Catherine Street, LilyfieldPassed In (VB)2,050,000Cobden & Hayson BalmainDamien Cooley
    9 Darling Street, BronteSold4,100,000Belle Property Bondi JunctionLachlan Macdonald
    41 Brownlow Hill Loop Road, CamdenPassed In (VB)2,080,000Inglis Property MacarthurPaul Enright
    1 Oceanview Parade, Mount OusleyPassed In (VB)810,000First National WollongongMark Lines
    130 Kyle Parade, Kyle BaySold1,880,000Laing + Simmons St GeorgeAndrew Cooley
    7 Wentworth Street, RandwickSold2,475,000Ballard PropertyBriannan Davis
    50 Northcott Road, CromerSold1,260,000Cunninghams PropertyMatthew Nicastri
    17 Monash Gardens, PagewoodSold1,600,000NG Farah Real EstateDamien Cooley
    12 Margaret Street, Beacon HillSold1,495,000Raine & Horne Forestville/Frenchs ForestDavid Gray
    175/69 St Marks Road, RandwickSold650,000Prime Property PartnersJamie Thomas
    8 Mermaid Avenue, MaroubraPassed In (VB)2,950,000NG Farah Real EstateDamien Cooley
    7 Polo Street, KurnellSold1,350,000Century 21 CronullaAndrew Cooley
    13 Riverside Mews, DrummoyneSold1,650,000BresicWhitney BalmainBriannan Davis
    7/183 Bridge Road, GlebePassed In (NB)-Ray White GlebeLachlan Macdonald
    132 Cottenham Avenue, KingsfordPassed In (VB)2,900,000Belle Property RandwickDamien Cooley
    12 Doncaster Avenue, West PymblePassed In (VB)1,050,000Chadwick Real EstatePaul Millett
    3 Girroma Street, Carss ParkSold1,400,000Laing + Simmons St GeorgeAndrew Cooley
    11 Mary Street, JannaliSold931,500Sanders Property AgentsAndrew Cooley
    45 Hawthorne Avenue, ChatswoodPassed In (VB)2,000,000LJ Hooker ArtarmonPaul Millett
    8 Cope Street, Lane CoveSold2,840,000Cobden & Hayson BalmainDamien Cooley
    4 Melville Street, West RydeSold1,387,000Raine & Horne Forestville/Frenchs ForestBriannan Davis
    3/7 Campbell Avenue, LilyfieldPassed In (VB)550,000Cobden & Hayson AnnandalePaul Millett
    15B Bona Vista Avenue, MaroubraSold2,140,000Mint 360 PropertyDavid Gray
    15 Seymour Street, DrummoyneSold1,173,000LJ Hooker ConcordDamien Cooley
    2/203 Burraneer Bay Road, CaringbahSold890,000Newton Real EstateAndrew Cooley
    5 Charles Street, RedfernSold1,700,000Belle Property Surry HillsBriannan Davis
    1 Coreen Avenue, LoftusSold1,352,000Sanders Property AgentsAndrew Cooley
    227 Corunna Road, StanmorePassed In (VB)1,170,000Cobden & Hayson AnnandaleDamien Cooley
    43 Dawes Road, BelroseSold2,161,000Richardson & Wrench WilloughbyDavid Gray
    29 Shenstone Road, RiverwoodSold1,220,000Belle Property LugarnoAndrew Cooley
    36 Aboud Avenue, KingsfordSold2,185,000Martin PropertyDamien Cooley
    282 Lawrence Street, AlexandriaSold PriorundisclosedBelle Property Bondi JunctionLachlan Macdonald
    25 Jacques Street, BalmainSold Prior-Cobden & Hayson BalmainDamien Cooley
    1/36 Willis Street, KingsfordSold Prior805,000Mint 360 PropertyDavid Gray
    22/136 Darlinghurst Road, DarlinghurstWithdrawn-Belle Property Surry HillsBriannan Davis
    10/30 Brennan Street, AlexandriaSold Prior-LJ Hooker Inner CityDavid Gray
    5/53-55 Parramatta Street, CronullaSold Prior757,500Gibson Partners Real EstateAndrew Cooley
    2/321 Edgecliff Road, WoollahraSold PriorundisclosedRay White WoollahraBriannan Davis
    18 Onyx Road, ArtarmonSold Prior3,340,000LJ Hooker ArtarmonPaul Millett
    3 Gundawarra Street, Lilli PilliSold PriorundisclosedMarkey Signature PropertyAndrew Cooley
    47/1 Shirley Street, AlexandriaSold Prior896,000Martin PropertyLachlan Macdonald
    93 Prince Edward Street, MalabarSold Prior2,500,000Ray White Maroubra/South CoogeeBriannan Davis
    1/21 Moore Lane, AustinmerSold Prior1,050,000One Agency Denison-Pender PropertyMark Lines
    2/21 Moore Lane, AustinmerSold Prior700,000One Agency Denison-Pender PropertyMark Lines
    6 Heath Street, RandwickSold PriorundisclosedNG Farah Real EstateDavid Gray
    27A Warratta Place, OatlandsWithdrawn-Ray White GlebeLachlan Macdonald
    86 Australia Avenue, MatravilleSold PriorundisclosedRay White WoollahraBriannan Davis
    185/747 Botany Road, RoseberyWithdrawn-LJ Hooker Inner CityDavid Gray
    10/7 Freeman Road, ChatswoodSold PriorundisclosedOne Agency Tina LeePaul Millett
    4/34 Pacific Street, ManlySold Prior1,260,000Cunninghams PropertyMatthew Nicastri
    10 Wadsley Crescent, Connells PointPostponed-Laing + Simmons St GeorgeAndrew Cooley
    25 Amarna Parade, RosevilleWithdrawn-LJ Hooker ArtarmonPaul Millett
    508/176 Glenmore Road, PaddingtonWithdrawn-Belle Property Surry HillsLachlan Macdonald
    5/62 Kings Road, Five DockSold Prior776,000Cobden & Hayson AnnandaleDamien Cooley
    104 Baptist Street, RedfernSold Prior1,500,000Belle Property Surry HillsLachlan Macdonald
  • Friday 23 September 2016: Other Venues
  • Sage Hotel Wollongong

    2/52 Stanwell Avenue, Stanwell ParkSold790,000Belle Property ThirroulDamien Cooley
    28 Kilbirnie Place, FigtreeSold915,000Belle Property WollongongDamien Cooley
    15 Alfred Street, WoononaSold1,185,000Belle Property WollongongDamien Cooley
    6/2-12 Young Street, WollongongSold610,000Belle Property WollongongDamien Cooley
    15 Hospital Road, BulliSold710,000Belle Property ThirroulDamien Cooley
    17 Blackbutt Place, BulliPassed In (VB)1,025,000Belle Property ThirroulDamien Cooley
    5/16-20 Keira Street, WollongongPassed In (VB)650,000Belle Property WollongongDamien Cooley
    8 Greywood Place, HorsleySold Prior560,000Belle Property WollongongDamien Cooley
    32 Campbell Street, WollongongSold Prior1,635,000Belle Property WollongongDamien Cooley
    120 Towradgi Road, TowradgiSold PriorundisclosedBelle Property WollongongDamien Cooley
    1/11 Barellan Avenue, DaptoSold Prior570,000Belle Property WollongongDamien Cooley
    14 Hutton Avenue, BulliSold Prior1,592,000Belle Property ThirroulDamien Cooley
    10 Bulgo Road, HelensburghSold Prior790,000Belle Property ThirroulDamien Cooley
    24 The Crescent, HelensburghSold Prior890,000Belle Property ThirroulDamien Cooley
  • Friday 23 September 2016: On Location
  • PropertyResultPriceAgencyAuctioneer
    23 Higgins Crescent, AinsliePassed In1,230,000Home by HollyAndrew Cooley
    30 Doonkuna Street, BraddonSold1,345,000Home by HollyAndrew Cooley
  • Thursday 22 September 2016: Other Venues
  • Raine & Horne Double Bay | Bondi Beach - Cooley Auction Centre East, Double Bay

    291 Bronte Road, WaverleyPassed In2,070,000Raine & Horne Double Bay | Bondi BeachDamien Cooley
    3 Mill Hill Road, Bondi JunctionPostponed-Raine & Horne Double Bay | Bondi BeachDamien Cooley
    1/351A Edgecliff Road, EdgecliffSold Prior1,750,000Raine & Horne Double Bay | Bondi BeachDamien Cooley
    4/6 Birriga Road, Bellevue HillPostponed-Raine & Horne Double Bay | Bondi BeachDamien Cooley
    9/236 Campbell Parade, Bondi BeachSold PriorundisclosedRaine & Horne Double Bay | Bondi BeachDamien Cooley
    8/16 Warners Avenue, North BondiSold Prior860,000Raine & Horne Double Bay | Bondi BeachDamien Cooley
  • Thursday 22 September 2016: Cooley Auction Centre - South, Doltone House
  • PropertyResultPriceAgencyAuctioneer
    533A Willarong Road, Caringbah SouthSold1,560,000Newton Real EstateAndrew Cooley
    12/16-18 Bruce Street, Brighton Le SandsPassed In (VB)498,000Krulis ResidentialAndrew Cooley
    7/20-22 Toronto Parade, SutherlandSold695,000Sanders Property AgentsAndrew Cooley
    7 Doris Avenue, MirandaSold1,115,000Sanders Property AgentsAndrew Cooley
    10A Carramar Crescent, MirandaSold1,165,000LJ Hooker MirandaAndrew Cooley
    9 Buckinbah Place, Lilli PilliSold1,410,000Sunshine Real EstateAndrew Cooley
    3/17-19 Binda Road, Yowie BaySold2,060,000Newton Real EstateAndrew Cooley
    21 Geoffrey Crescent, LoftusSold Prior930,000Sanders Property AgentsAndrew Cooley
    3/40 Hotham Road, GymeaSold Prior1,155,000Newton Real EstateAndrew Cooley
    7/58 Manchester Road, GymeaSold Prior920,000Newton Real EstateAndrew Cooley
  • Thursday 22 September 2016: Cooley Auction Centre - CBD
  • PropertyResultPriceAgencyAuctioneer
    38 Warners Avenue, North BondiSold6,330,000Laing + Simmons WoollahraDamien Cooley
    68-70 Cowper Street, GranvilleSold Prior2,700,000Cushman & WakefieldDamien Cooley
  • Wednesday 21 September 2016: Other Venues
  • Watt Street Commercial Centre

    19 Penman Street, New LambtonSold420,000PRD Nationwide Newcastle & Lake MacquarieDamien Cooley
    3 Patterdale Close, LakelandsPostponed-PRD Nationwide Newcastle & Lake MacquarieDamien Cooley
    3 High Street, The HillWithdrawn-PRD Nationwide Newcastle & Lake MacquarieDamien Cooley
  • Wednesday 21 September 2016: Other Venues
  • Commercial Property Group Bankstown

    10/19 Miowera Road, VillawoodSold582,500Commercial Property Group BankstownAndrew Cooley
    1-3 Wiltshire Street, MintoWithdrawn-Commercial Property Group BankstownAndrew Cooley
    Suite 2, 6/402 Chapel Road, BankstownSold Prior825,000Commercial Property Group BankstownAndrew Cooley
  • Wednesday 21 September 2016: Other Venues
  • Colliers International Head Office

    124 Campbell Parade, Bondi BeachSold19,120,000Colliers InternationalDamien Cooley
    58-60 Gladesville Road, Hunters HillPassed In (VB)2,600,000Colliers InternationalDamien Cooley
    30-32 Princes Highway, MollymookPending-Colliers InternationalDamien Cooley
    5 Rawson Street, WollongongPassed In (VB)1,850,000Colliers InternationalDamien Cooley
    12-18 Deeragun Road, DeeragunPending-Colliers International - TownsvilleDamien Cooley
    Lot 10, 832 Anzac Parade, MaroubraWithdrawn-Colliers InternationalDamien Cooley